Zack Kassian: The Fighter, The Scorer, and the Buffalo Sabre

By Jonathan Sexauer


As gutless as the Buffalo Sabres are, one of the few bright spots on the roster is Zack Kassian. Not only can Kassian fight, bringing up memories of Rob Ray, but he can score as well.


In his fight against the New York Islanders, he not only destroyed his sparring partner, he also pulled shades of rob ray, and had all of his padding off by the end of the fight.


In addition to this, he scored an amazing goal against the Philadelphia Flyers in the first period against Bryzgalov.


There is no way that, when everyone becomes healthy, that the Buffalo Sabres could possibly be able to send him back to the Rochester Americans, where he started his season.


Zack Kassian, good work. Buffalo Sabres, take a good long hard look as what the Rochester American has been doing with his spot on the Sabres, and emulate him.

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