Dave Bolland Takes Advantage Of Slow News Day, Rips Sedin "Sisters"

By Randy Holt

The Blackhawks had a couple of days off following their win over the San Jose Sharks on Sunday, but Dave Bolland didn’t need much time to cause a stir.

Typically, it’s Bollands play that gets under the skin of seemingly the entire Vancouver Canucks organization, but his radio interview on Monday showed that he can do it with his mouth as well.

Feeding off of questions from radio host David Kaplan, as well as fan questions, Bolland referred to Daniel & Henrik Sedin as “sisters”, while making some colorful comments about the city of Vancouver itself, referring to the city’s many “weirdos”.

In perhaps the least surprising move of all time, both defenseman Kevin Bieksa and head coach Alain Vigneault had a response for Bolland. Bieksa commented that Bolland was the one that looked like a girl, while Vigneault ranted for a bit before simply saying that Bolland  had a face “only a mother could look at”.

The comments from Dave Bolland offended both Canuck fans and many women, with the latter up in arms over his use of the word “sisters” implying some sexist undertones. Obviously. Bolland also ignited quite the response on the Twittersphere, as his comments led to him trending in Vancouver.

In the grand scheme of things, are Bolland’s comments funny? I got a good chuckle out of them. But do they really mean anything? Not really, considering the Blackhawks and Canucks don’t even meet again until the last day of January. What’s the point?

Dave Bolland has made a living in being a complete pain in the ass against Vancouver. now he’s taking it to them when he’s not even on duty. I guess Bolland is hoping the rest of Vancouver is as mentally frail as their starting goaltender Roberto Luongo.

It does make one wonder, though, what sort of havoc could Bolland wreak if he had a Twitter account?

Then again, I bet Hawks brass isn’t too happy over Bolland’s comments and will likely let him know it. Meaning we’ll never get to see The Rat on Twitter.

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