Should the Philadelphia Flyers Make a Trade Right Now?

By Johnny Machurek

For the Philadelphia Flyers this season has been filled with injuries and it is only December.  Brayden Schenn has been injured a couple of times, Claude Giroux is out with possible whiplash, Jaromir Jagr has missed a couple games on separate occasions, and of course Chris Pronger the team’s captain has been hit with a flurry of injures.

With rumors that Progs could be done for the year, should Philly go out and make a move right now?  No doubt the Flyers are looking pretty depleted on the blue line, Erik Gustafsson is even out with an injury.  The Flyers currently have to rely Kevin Marshall and Marc-Andre Bourdon to fill in.

Bourdon is currently playing very well but again do the Flyers need to go out and acquire talent right now?

There are rumors that Flyers are talking to the Nashville Predators possibly about a d-man.

I fully believe the Flyers should NOT make a move right now.  The team has been playing well thus far, and now is not the time to pull the trigger on a move.

I could not agree more with what Tim Panaccio had to say in his article:

NO NHL club can go out and trade for a No. 1-2 defensemen right now. It’s hard enough getting a bonafide No. 6.

The Flyers strategy should be, try to get to the trade deadline and get a rental player for the playoffs.

If the Flyers continue their talks with the Preds at the deadline, Ryan Suter would be the the perfect player for the team to go after.  He would be a rental player, as his contract expires at the end of the year.  His cap hit for this season is a reasonable $3.5 million.  The only thing restricting the Flyers is the fact they have zero cap room to work with.

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