The Cure for the Buffalo Sabres: Playing the Toronto Maple Leafs

By Jonathan Sexauer

The Buffalo Sabres have, frankly, sucked at home recently. However, they found just the cure they needed, which is to play their old whipping boys the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ryabn Miller returned to the saviour of the universe Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek started scoring again, Drew Stafford also scored again.


This is all, not to mention, the Buffalo Sabres WON AT HOME. Well, if you could really call it home, with the fact there was a majority of Maple Leafs fans in attendance. Well, if not a majority then at the very least a very sizable chunk.

Also, shoutouts to Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy, for both playing in their 500th games tonight.

Thank you, Toronto for fixing our troubles.

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