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An Appeal to the Buffalo Sabres in Regards to LGBT

A blog post made by a friend of mine on a different blog has prompted me to write this post.


Currently in the National Hockey League, there are ZERO teams that have partnered with the It Gets Better Foundation or the NOH8 project. There are NFL teams, MLB teams that have partnered with one of the other organizations, but no hockey teams.


Mr. Pegula, you have said you want to make Buffalo a top destination for free agents, and this is one way to do so. Make it known that you are willingly to treat every. Single. Player. The same, regardless of sexual orientation. I am not saying that you do not do so, but take a public stand and dedicate yourself to ending harassment for LGBT players, coaches, media, and the most vulnerable of LGBT society.


Now, just to address the naysayers of this. I am not, on either side, addressing the political and moral issue of gay marriage, either for or against it. What I am talking about is the Buffalo Sabres taking steps to end harassment of LGBT on all levels, and providing inspirations to high school teens, and to provide a good working environment for all players, straight and LGBT.


I am a hockey blogger, fan, Buffalonian, and a bisexual.


Buffalo Sabres, do the right thing and partner with these organizations, or many others like it.