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Buffalo Sabres v Toronto Maple Leafs Post Game: Written Before the Game: Take 2

Thank you Ryan Miller, Saviour of the Buffalo Sabres, for returning to the top form that we knew you were capable of being.  Our core, for once, looked great this game. Thomas Vanek scored the first hat tick of the Season for the Buffalo Sabres, en route to a 5-1 Buffalo Sabres victory.


However, we still have many problems with this team. This game, as the season has proved, is a fluke incident. The Sabres, once they play a real team, will collapse like normal. Pominville is useless on the point on the power play, yet Lindy Ruff keeps putting him out there.


Lindy Ruff is the problem with this team, even when they win. He is what is holding us back from the Stanely Cup, and he needs to go.


We won, but the sky is still falling.