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A Buffalo Sabres Christmas

The Christmas break has begun for the Buffalo Sabres, so Sabresland, it is safe to say that our Sabres will be undefeated for the next three days, including today.


Now, in this giving mood, let us look to what the Sabres have given as presents


Two first NHL goals, to Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs and one to the Penguins.


Let us not forget their biggest presents. Two point to the Ottawa Senators, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Now, when we return after the end of the Christmas break, let us hope that karma favours the Buffalo Sabres, and rewards them for their generosity during this Christmas season.


For those celebrating on Sunday, Merry Christmas folks. And for those, like myself, celebrating on the 7th, of January, I shall remember you folks as well.