World Juniors: #PRESSUREISPOWER Reflection

By Jonathan Sexauer

The focal point for the Team Canada World Junior advertisements and the videos by NikeTraining, hosted by Steve Dangle, revolve around one phrase/hashtag. #PRESSUREISPOWER. But, what does all of this mean?


Pressure if the internal drive that we have to make ourselves better. We know what is expected of us, and that anything short of that is failure.


Team Canada knows that the aim, on our home ice, is nothing short of a gold medal. The team knows that the entire country is behind them, rooting for them to reach and secure victory I the gold medal game. For most of the team, this game does not improve their chances of being drafted, because they already have been drafted. However, the pressure to peform and excel for this country, on home soil in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, on the second biggest world stage in hockey.


This tournament is not about improving their chances for being drafted, or personal achievement. This is about bringing the Gold Medal home to Canada, where it belongs.



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