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Mike Green Completes First Full Practice Since Suffering Groin Injury

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For the first time since November 11 Mike Green skated for a full practice with the Washington Capitals. On November 11 Green suffered a groin injury and has been day-to-day since then. Green has now missed 20 consecutive games, but today was a huge step in the positive direction for both him and the team.

Today Green rotated through the drills and he even did some work with the power play unit in which he was almost like the general. There is no official time table for Green’s return, but even he insists it is a long way off. Green even believes this will have a lasting impact on his career, always having to think and not over due himself, especially in a sport like hockey where groin injuries are so common.

There’s is no doubt that the Capitals can’t wait for Green to return to the lineup. This season, when he has been in the lineup, the Capitals are 8-0-0. Without him, the Capitals are 9-15-2 and are obviously struggling. The Capitals also do not want to rush Green back into the lineup, but when he does return they want him to be as ready as possible.

Green says that the next step in his recovery is to continue with the full team practices and get back to game shape. It is obvious that being back on the ice with his teammates gave Green a moral boost with him having a large smile across his face during the entire practice. With a few more skates to get back into the shape for games, it wont be too long before he gets back into playing form. Stay tuned for any updates on Green’s health or if there is any setbacks.

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