World Juniors 2012: USA 11 Denmark 3

By Jonathan Sexauer

The United States defeated the Danish team by a score of 11-3, but the main point of the game was this fact. After one period of play, the Unites States were only up by a score of 3-2, and looked very, very vulnerable.


You could blame it on pre-tournament jitters,  the United States overlooking the Danish team or whatever you want to, the point is that the American team was vulnerable, and they need to improve their play if they wish to have any chance against a real hockey team (Sorry Denmark, but you just do not belong here).


After this first period, the Americans responded by outscoring the Danes 8-1, which might have solved the issues in the first.


For Team USA to have any shot at winning this tournament, they best be hoping that the jitters are gone, and that they can keep up the play of the last two periods, and make sure there are no repeats of the first.

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