Hopefully Adieu to my Good Friends, Derek Roy and Drew Stafford of the Buffalo Sabres

By Jonathan Sexauer

Let me preface this by saying that Derek Roy and Drew Stafford have not been traded, yet. However, this is not about that. This is about the fact that said trade needs to happen, and happen soon.


A tweet I found from one of the people I follow sums it up perfectly. From @criminallyvu1ga “Thomas Vanek should request a trade…a trade of Derek Roy and Drew Stafford.” While in his normal brash tone, he is absolutely correct. Thomas Vanek is the one player on the Buffalo Sabres who outs everything that he has, his entire heart and soul into every shift, and he deserves better than this.


Derek Roy, I would love to say that you have been loved throughout your career and that you have put an everlasting mark upon the Buffalo Sabres in a good way. However, if I had said that I would be lying. You are a good person, but the buffalo Sabres are better off without you.


Drew Stafford, however I can say a few good things about. He is great in the second half of the season, and played amazing last year, which happened to also be his contract year. However, he underperformed when it came time for playoff times, and is invisible, on a good day otherwise.


I have only the best well wishes and love for both of these players, and I hope they do well. All they need to do is stay away from the Buffalo Sabres and heck, maybe a change of scenery is just what they need


I am not advocating a firesale of the entire Buffalo Sabres organization, just the removal of two dead limbs. The Buffalo Sabres need to prune the tree, in order for Stanley Cups to grow.

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