World Juniors: Really Canada? Really? Canada 10 Denmark 2

By Jonathan Sexauer

Team Canada won by a score of 10-2 against the hapless Danes. However, this game was an embarrassment. Eight. Minor. Penalties were called against Team Canada.


Team Canada should be on their knees thanking God that they were not playing against a real hockey team. Eight penalties against the Russians, the Swedes, heck the Americans would have been game over, and the Canadians would have lost.


Team Canada, you need to be more disciplined. Yes, two goals, including that second goal which would prove to be the one that deflated the Danes, came of two stupid penalties, but that is no excuse.


Canada is the most penalized team in the tournament so far, and a focus needs to be on stopping the bleeding. Thankfully Team Canada has only allowed one powerplay goal so far, but this still needs to change.


Mark Stone Has 6 goals in the World Juniors so far, he needs four more to hold the Canadian record for most goals scored in a single tournament.


Canada will be playing the Americans on Saturday night, New Years Eve. A Canadian victory will assure a bye into the semifinals, while, depends on how the USA Czech game turns out tomorrow, will turn into a do or die situation.

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