World Juniors: Team USA’s Swan Song: Czech Republic 5 USA 2

By Jonathan Sexauer

Welp, America, here we are. Three games into the 2012 World Juniors, and the game against Team Canada does not matter, at all. Instead of aiming for a fourth straight medal, the United States will be playing in the relegation round, aiming to stay alive and try for gold next year.


Overall, even though I had predicted this in my pre tournament previews, it is still a saddening event. The Team Canada Team USA game on new Years Eve is the ideal matchup, and for it to be stripped of all relevance is a shame.


The United States from the beginning looked like they were going to dominate the game, taking leads early in both peroids, but it would prove to be not enough


The Canada USA game will be shown on TSN and NHLN-US at 18h00/20h00 (MST/EST) tomorrow, New Years Eve.

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