#2: TJ Oshie

By ryanfrahm

When this season started TJ Oshie was still on my shit list.  I thought he was immature and honestly I didnt want him resigned for any other reason than it would keep his huge fan base happy, which keeps butts in the seats, which makes the team money, yada yada yada… Oshie recieved a one year contract and to me that said put up or shut up.  That was going to be the last chance he got in St. Louis.  He is making the most of it.

Oshie is also on the way to a career year (assuming he stays healthy, seems like I’ve said career high for every player tonight, hopefully our offense keeps rolling and that actually happens.  Oshie is tied with Steen at 24 points which is one behind the team leader Backes.  Oshie seemed to be one of the guys on this team that took the firing of Davis Payne personally and really straightened up when Hitch took over.  Oshie has grown alot this season and hasnt tried as hard as he has in the past to make plays happen.  He is letting more of the plays come to him and that is helping his play drastically.

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