#8: Alex Pietrangelo

By ryanfrahm

Alex has been awesome this year and quietly going about his business but I have noticed he is nowhere near as aggressive as he was last season.  That is one of the only flaws I have seen from him this year so I would say there is no sophmore slump.  But his lack of aggressiveness is the reason he is number 8 on this list.  Sometimes I wonder if moving Erik Johnson and bringing in Kevin Shattenkirk scared Petro or maybe he has changed his style of play to not be as offensive minded and leave that role up to Shat.  Petro can play great hockey in all 3 ends.  And at only 21 (22 in January) years old he has unbelieveable upside.

Petro doesnt get the same recogintion that he did last season and maybe it is because of Shattenkirk being more of the scorer and Petro being more of a stay at home type that will jump into the play on occasion.  Nevertheless, if Petro can step up on the point more and be a little more decisive when making decision he could have a monster second half and I think he has the potential to still put up 30+ points this season even with his slow first half and only having 11 points in his 36 games.

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