#9: Vladimir Sobotka

By ryanfrahm

Vladi has been a great 2 way forward ever since he was brought to St Louis from Boston.  In his 134 games with the Bruins and played limited minutes, but in St Louis, Sobotka gets decent minutes every game including time on the PK.  Since the move from Boston, Sobe has appeared in 93 games with the Blues and recorded 39 points compared to the 22 in his time with Boston.  If not for the ankle injury he suffered in practice, Sobotka would be higher on this list.

Sobotka is one of the few guys on this team that you can see him go out every night and give it 110%.  His hustle is unmatched on this team and for a little guy, he has the heart of a giant.  Size is no factor for the “5′ 10″” Sobotka who has laid out guys that are bigger than him all season long with his great center of gravity.  The one hit that comes to mind that really proves that is when he dumped John Scott who is about a foot taller than Vlad.  He would be one of the guys on this team that I would consider unmovable come the trade deadline.

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