Buffalo Sabres First Star of 2011: Thomas Vanek

By Jonathan Sexauer

Thomas Vanek, of what can I say about you. You manage to embody the work ethic that I praised Zack Kassian for having, but with the scoring touch to go along with it. He can score and also assist, be it by his earning an assist or just being able to screen the goalie, and making it easier for his teammates to score.


Sure, some might say that he is lazy, due to the fact that ALL he does is stand in front of the net, and he steals goals from his teammates, and he doesn’t deserve his stats or contract. But, think about this. A he is doing his job, and B: Imagine if the Buffalo Sabres had let him run off to the Edmonton Oilers. If that had happened then this team would easily be last or dear dead last in the entire league, with the supposed “core” of players in Derek Roy, Drew Stafford, and Jason Pominville being exposed as the lazy players that they are.

Thomas Vanek is an amazing player, and the first star, but can not do it all alone. Dear Darcy Regier, please buy more elephants, so that Thomas Vanek can have a break from carrying the entire organization on his back.

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