Semyon Varlamov: A Big Reason The Colorado Avalanche Are Looking So Good

By AJ Olivieri

Posting a 4-0 shutout against the potent Chicago Blackhawks, Semyon Varlamov definitely proved his worth as net minder of the Colorado Avalanche.  In fact, over the previous three games Varly has played in he has proved that he has the potential to become the next great goaltender in hockey.  With his stellar play, Varlamov has Avs fans reminiscing about Patrick Roy.  Avalanche fans also hope the same holds true with Varly that happened with Roy’s first year; a Stanley Cup Championship.

Colorado’s defense this season has been rather shaky at times and very inconsistent.  In recent games, Semyon Varlamov has single handedly bailed out his team many times.  When Colorado fixes their defensive woes it will, in-turn, only make Varlamov better.  The struggling defense of Colorado has put unnecessary and unwanted pressure on Varlamov, but he has stepped up his game and answered the challenge.

The last three games in which Varlamov has played (Phoenix, Los Angeles and Chicago) he has posted a .965 save percentage.  In the game against the Kings he allowed one goal while stopping all other shots he faced in regulation, overtime and all three shots in the shootout.  Varly followed that amazing performance with a shutout victory at the United Center against the Blackhawks.  In fact, over the three previous games Varlamov has only allowed opponents to find the back of the net three times.

Since the departure of Roy, Colorado has struggled to find a goaltender that will perform at a consistent, high-level game after game.  The Avalanche faithful feel that Varlamov may be the goalie to fit those needs.  By bringing in Semyon Varlamov, Colorado is definitely looking toward the future.  J.S. Giguere is nearing the end of his career and the front office is hoping Varlamov will be the net minder of the future for the Avalanche.  If Varly continues to play like he is right now, Colorado will certainly rise again to the dominant hockey force they once were.


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