Could Luke Schenn be traded for Brayden Schenn?

By Jeff Zeffer

Could the Philadelphia Flyers and Toronto Maple Leafs be headed towards another trade for a second year in arrow?

This past week Don Luce, the Director of player Development for the Flyers was spotted three times over the last three weeks, in Toronto at the Air Canada Center.

The presence of Don Luce could mean nothing, but do keep in mind that Don Luce spent time at Maple Leafs’ games last year, before Brian Burke shipped winger Kris Versteeg off to Philadelphia for draft picks.

With some absentees in the Flyers defense core, one could suspect that Don Luce could very well be looking at the Maple Leafs’ defense.

Luke Schenn is in his fourth NHL season, has not had the best season this year and could be the alleged target from the Flyers, as his younger brother Brayden Schenn plays for the Flyers. Although it would be nice to see to the Schenn brothers on the same team together and become the household names for a franchise. I just think it is a long shot for such a deal to come to terms.

A more realistic approach to the Flyers acquiring a defenseman from the the Maple Leafs, is going with the Cody Franson route. Franson has played much better since the start of this season (3 goals and 9 assists) and comes with a cheep price tag of 800K.!/JoeYerdonPHT/status/157152459633074176!/ChrisBottaNHL/statuses/157155121090936832!/D_LEED/statuses/157165049671196673

Which potential players could you see be swapped between the Flyers and Maple Leafs. Let me know by commenting on the RantSports website, send me a tweet or shoot me and email.

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