Video: Extremely Drunk New York Rangers Fan Mistakenly Cheers For The Devils

By Steve Palumbo

The New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers have one of the most intense and heated rivalries in all of professional sports. Because of the extreme intensity it’s very common for each teams respective fans to despise each other. In fact a Devil fan would never be caught dead rooting for their Hudson River rivals and visa-versa.

So when a drunk Rangers fan mistakenly roots for the Devils it’s downright hilarious.

I found this little gem of a video on YouTube and had to share it. It actually brings me great pleasure to share a video that made me chuckle out loud. The Ranger fan in this video is hammered. You can tell she is smashed by the ways she bobs and weaves around in her seat as she drunk chats with other fans around her. She also seems to be bothering the lady next to her by constantly touching her on the shoulder. Notice how the annoyed fan pushes her hand away. Definitely signs of intense intoxication and a recipe for stupidity.

The video takes a hilarious twist when the Devils score a goal. You can hear the Ranger fans moan and groan as they react correctly. But what does intoxicated Ranger lady do? She jumps up and cheers for New Jersey. Luckily she had enough wits about her to hold on tight to her precious cup of brew. Notice how her pal next to her in the Avery jersey sheepishly tugs at her to sit down. A classic hockey “whoops.” Very funny indeed.

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