Penner, Mayors Manor to host charity pancake breakfast

By Nina Falcone

Dustin Penner has found himself in the spotlight quite a bit lately, especially after his most recent pancake and back spasm incident. For those of you who haven’t heard the details, the 29-year-old left winger sat down to eat some “delicious” pancakes his wife made and threw his back out.

That’s right, his back went out while eating pancakes.

Luckily Penner has been a champion about the whole situation and has brought a bit of humor to the incident (as if there wasn’t enough already). He was recently featured in a Kings Vision video where “Pennercakes” were discussed. He also wrote a “Pancakegate” letter, clearing up the details of the tasty injury.

However, I am proud to say that in addition to how ridiculously funny the whole thing is, Penner is using the press he’s gotten to help benefit others. Mayors Manor will be partnering up with him to host a ‘Pancakes with Penner’ charity breakfast where one lucky fan will get the chance to eat with the “Breakfast King” himself.

One dollar tickets will be made available to fans who can then participate in a raffle for the winning meal. The charity that will receive the money has not been specified yet, but more details will be made available once the Kings arrive back in LA from their road trip.

Eating pancakes with Dustin Penner has without a doubt earned a spot on my bucket list.

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