Should Ilya Bryzgalov or Sergei Bobrovsky be the Flyers Number One for the Second Half

Last year at this time the Philadelphia Flyers were being led by a rookie netminder from Russia, Sergei Bobrovsky, now they are being led by another Russian this time Ilya Bryzgalov.  Bryzgalov was signed in the offseason to tune of nine-years $51 million to give Philadelphia a franchise goalie.

Only one problem has come from that signing and that is the fact that Bryz has not played like a franchise goalie.  The defense has played bad at times, but Bryz also hasn’t looked confident in net.  He put up great numbers in a non-hockey market with the Phoenix Coyotes.  I said in the offseason if you think he is in the same class as a Henrik Lundqvist, Tim Thomas, or Pekka Rinne you are nuts.

Bryzgalov has struggled mightily with a GAA barely under three at 2.99, a horrible save percentage a .895, and a mediocre record of 18-10-4.

Now Bobs has been no All-Star by any means but he is posting better numbers a 11-4-1 record, a 2.42 GAA, and a .919 save percentage.  Bobs has half as many starts, so if you bump his starts up to Bryz’s he would have four more wins, two less losses, and one less OT loss.

If you watch the difference from when the two are in net it looks as if the team plays harder when Bobs is between the pipes.

The Flyers in the second half need to come away with a clear number one, coming down the stretch heading into the playoffs.  I think the Flyers should go with Bobrovsky.  Yes, Bryz is suppose to be your number one because you paid him as such, but he isn’t playing like one.  You need to play the players who give you the best chance to win and Bobs is the goalie who will give you the best chance to win.

Who do you think should be the number one?  Let me know below.

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  • fussypussy

    The Flyers need to go all the way with their decisions and when they signed bryz it looked to be decisive. but, you cant leave the door open for bob by playing him once to every 2 bryz starts. Bryzgalov is an elite vezina caliber goalie who has been shaken by bad play and what should be an alotted adjustment period to a new team in an original six style market. the Flyers mide as well be a canadien team the way the fans and media are there. I think if the Flyers win a cup, its because of Ilya Bryzgalov and he needs to play alot, get in a groove and be rid of the second guessing come playoff time. bob is a tremendous backup, in the same category as jonas enroth but he will not be and should not be the starter on this team. if anything he is a bluechip commodity to help shore up the floundering defense. Go Bryz! Go Flyers!

    • Johnny Machurek

      One of the possible I think with Bryz is that he played in non-hockey markets. You didn’t have to worry about how the fans would react after a loss in those cities. I think maybe he is feeling a little more pressure here and it could be effect his confidence.

  • fly

    His name is Bob, not Bobs…

    • Johnny Machurek

      Bobs is his nickname looks at his mask on the chin it says Bobs.

  • Boof

    Bob said it himself at the start of the season when he said he didnt feel like a number 2 goalie and he would fight to keep his starting spot. Bryz is not performing. Give The Bob the nod!

    • Johnny Machurek

      That is what I would want to hear from him as coach. I don’t want him to just be ok with it, I would want to see some fire from him. To me it would be a problem after him being the starter most of last year to just say ‘Ok, I will be the backup.’
      I like the ‘Give the Bob the nod’ it is catchy.

  • Andy

    Bob should be it and let him play like the red wings did to jimmy howard 2 years soso team and now look at them

    • Johnny Machurek

      I agree with you, Bobs wasn’t bad last year at all. He took us to the playoffs and we did limp there but we still made it as a 2 seed. To be honest I wouldn’t mind seeing Bryz dumped for a mid-round pick if we could get one.

      • Sportsguy0208

        When The flyers were talking about getting Bryz. I started looking at some videos of Bryz when he played for Phoenix and I was not impressed at all. I do not know why they spent that kind of money on him. They should of went after Tomas Vokoun. I think Tomas Vokoun is a much better goalie than Bryz. Bryz is a basket case and I don’t like him to be honest with you. I think Sergei Bobrovsky is all so a much better goalie than Bryz and I think Bob should get more playing time to prove himself and I think Bob should be the starter.

        • Johnny Machurek

          I completely agree with you. I wanted Vokoun and look how cheap he would have came. Bryz didn’t have to worry about anything being in Phoenix.

          • sportsguy0208

            Yep Vokoun a much better goalie than Bryz for a cheaper price tag and we would have some money to play with for the situation we are in now. We would be able to go out buy a good defense men. Because are defense needs to tighten up.

          • Johnny Machurek

            Oh yeah no doubt

  • Jillian

    Agreed with pretty much everything you’re saying above!!! Also wanted Vokoun.. since Goalie chatter started…

    • Johnny Machurek

      Yeah Vokoun came super cheap too. Bryz is actually playing pretty good lately and Bobs had that horrible game against the Devils. We need someone to emerge as a #1 soon though.