Flyers Trade Kevin Marshall for Matt Ford; Trade is More Than Meets the Eye

Today the Philadelphia Flyers traded defenseman Kevin Marshall for Washington Capitals prospect Matt Ford. This is being touted as an AHL move, but this trade goes deeper than that.

I am hearing a lot of people complain that the Flyers are trading away a defenseman when that is what they are lacking.  Clearly why would GM Paul Holmgren make such a stupid, boneheaded move?  The answer is simple…he isn’t done.

You have to think with this trade that Philadelphia is clearing some room to bring in another d-man.  Look for Homer to make a move here in the next week or two.  Look for the Flyers to be heavily scouting some other blueliners to bring in at the deadline.

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  • http://none Edward D Webb

    I just read this just now, Sunday February 19th, 2012, Now I look back and think to myself….. you were right, Homer is Not done, Now we have aquired Niklas Grossman and Pavel Kubina and who knows who else on the day of the deadline. there might be one more defenceman coming our way. I love how Homer does things so Methodically. You made a good call on this article Johnny….3 weeks ago you nailed it. We just didnt see it till today. Good Foresight.

    • Johnny Machurek

      Thank You. Yeah I knew something had to be in the works for him to drop a d-man like that. I think that was the easy part of figuring out what Homer was doing, now I think it is a guessing game come deadline time. There are many different things Homer could do, but I think there might be a trade in the works that no one even knows about.