Is Jeff Carter a good fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

By Jeff Zeffer

A supposedly unhappy Jeff Carter could fit the bill for Toronto Maple Leafs’ long desired number 1 center they have been looking for ever since Mats Sundin left.

It looks like the Columbus Blue Jackets have indeed put their star player out on the trade block;

“Multiple sources confirmed to The Dispatch that Carter has been put on the trade block by the Blue Jackets, barely seven months after he was acquired from Philadelphia and deemed the No. 1 center the club has always needed.”

But how good of a fit is Carter if he were traded to Toronto?

Pros; Carter, at age 27 is in his prime. Carter could come as an easier transaction for the Maple Leafs than player’s such as teammate Rick Nash or Anaheim Duck star Ryan Getzlaf because of the situation Carter is in. The Maple Leafs are in dire need for a center and having Carter in the middle of Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul would be dynamite. I personally like that Carter ($5.27 annual cap hit) makes around $500,000 more than Tim Connolly. There is a huge difference in talent between Carter and Connolly, but only a small difference in annual salary. I do not need to ask which player you would want.

Cons; Though the first con is obviously Carter’s 11 year contract, now 10 years left and we all know Brian Burke is not one to support these long term deals. I would imagine leafs fans are concern about Carter’s injury filled season. Carter having a no-trade clause in contract is anther hurdle if Brian Burke does want to acquire him.

From Columbus’ point of view
Pros; You get rid of a decade contact and receive young prospects and draft picks to help support the future of this team.

Cons; It does not hold well in Columbus when your General Manager trades for a star player in the off-season and trades him 7-months later. The other reason is that Carter is supposedly unhappy is Columbus, therefore keeping a bad egg on a young team is not always the best situation for a team.

Carter is traveling with the team in hopes that he plays. It is possible that we could see Carter play as early as tonight against the Anaheim Ducks.

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