Can Corey Perry repeat second half performance?

By Jeff Shibley


Last season Corey Perry had a real breakout season. The only player in the NHL with 50 goals, winner of the Hart Trophy. It is a season that Ducks fans will not soon forget. It is also a season that some have wondered if it could be repeated. For a little while it was looking like he would not come close to the goal production, but with 4 goals in his last 3 games including a hat trick against Columbus, and a game winner against Carolina Perry is getting back on pace to have a similarly productive season.

To reach 50 goals this year Perry would need to score 24 goals in his last 27 games. Now the chances of Perry doing that probably isn’t very high, but considering last season he scored 22 goals in his last 27 games it isn’t completely inconceivable, and at the very least he should be able to get pretty close.

The biggest key to the Ducks having any kind of playoff run to finish the season would almost without a doubt would be the continued great play of Hiller down the stretch for the rest of the season. The second biggest key will be if Perry can put the Ducks offense on his shoulders again as he did last season. The Ducks are currently getting much more depth scoring lately than they did in the beginning of the season with players like Belesky, Blake, Boninio, and Cogliano contributing. The bulk of the scoring though will still come from the big 4 and that means another huge final 2 months of the season from Perry is necessary in order for the Ducks to have any shot at a playoff run.

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