Dallas Stars Hope To End Detroit Red Wings Streak Tonight

By Chris Ransom

The Detroit Red Wings have won a mind boggling 20 straight home games.  Tonight the Red Wings try to hit blackjack at Joe Louis Arena.  The 1929-1930 Boston Bruins and the 1975-1976 Philadelphia Flyers are the other two teams to win 20 straight games at home.  The Red Wings have a chance to make history with a win over the Dallas Stars tonight.  Detroit will win 21 straight home games at Joe Louis Arena with a win over the Dallas Stars tonight.

Dallas is really starting to lose some momentum with their recent play.  Dallas lost in a shootout 3 to 2 to Buffalo on Friday night.  Dallas was ranked 9th with 59 points heading into Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Kings before a 4 to 2 loss to the Kings.

Dallas now ranks 11th in the Western Conference with the Colorado Avalanche and Calgary Flames both ranked with 60 points.  Dallas is on the brink of getting knocked out of the playoff race plus their on the brink of having one of the NHL’s 10 worst record.  Dallas’s play in the next week may decide whether or not to make a big move at the trade deadline.

A win on Valentine’s day against Detroit would go a long way.  Besides Jamie Benn and Loui Eriksson no one else has stepped up with consistent play.  Players have contributed.  Benn and Eriksson are the two best players.  Benn has 17 goals, 32 assists, and 49 points in 50 games this season.  Eriksson has 18 goals, 29 assists, and 47 points in 55 games this season.

Everyone has to step up tonight for Dallas to win.  It all starts with Benn and Eriksson for Dallas to prevail.

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