Happy Ending for Abandoned Puppy Found by Prince Albert Raiders

By Stephanie Lewark

Last month, three Prince Albert hockey players rescued a helpless puppy they found in the back of a pick-up truck.  The story got the attention of local media in Saskatchewan and throughout Canada after two of them tweeted about it and posted a pic (from January 17th):

Saved a little puppy in -40 weather with @Morrissey_10 @sdany94, cant believe someone would do that. yfrog.com/odgbvnuj

@CPTwooper @sdany94 and I just were leaving the theatre when we find a baby dog freezing in the -40 weather. We took him into our car…cont

And rapped him in sweaters. He’s going to be ok now and is on the way to SPCA. Couldn’t of been much older then a few weeks #animalcruelty

Having two dogs of my own, it hits home. This poor little guy is now in great hands and will hopefully find the perfect home #mansbestfriend

1 – The number of near death dogs saved from -40 temps tonight by @PARaidersHockey Morrissey, Perreaux, & Danyluk. Raider Heros

Josh Morrissey, Shane Danyluk, and Carson Perreaux play for the Prince Albert Raiders of the Western Hockey League (WHL).  They found the puppy, who was around six weeks old and has been named ‘Raider,’ after leaving the movie theatre and witnessing someone dropping a “bundle” in the back of a pick-up truck on a night when temperatures had reached close to -40 degrees (Celsius).

They never expected to receive such a huge response just by choosing to do what they believed was the right thing to do that night.  Here are a few excerpts from a letter the Prince Albert Raiders organization received from “a new fan of the Prince Albert Raiders Hockey Team” after reading the story in a local newspaper:

… My congratulations to the parents and coaches of the three kind hearted young men who took it upon themselves to save the life of this helpless creature by assisting in its rescue.  What outstanding citizens you have raised, such compassion and maturity are virtues that we are not born with, they are made and what a wonderful job you have obviously done raising these boys.

To the boys themselves, though I have never met any of you, I am so very proud of each one of you.  It warms my heart to think that people such as yourselves exist.  Under all that “rough and tumble” hockey persona beats hearts full of caring and compassion. Way to go!!! …

Raider has nearly doubled in weight since the night he was found thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor in Alberta as well as the Ottawa veterinary company that donated all the medicine that was needed to make that happen.  He will be making his new home with a couple from North Vancouver who adopted him after seeing his story in the local media.  Morrissey, Danyluk, and Perreaux are happy that Raider is doing well and getting a new home.  They even made a trip back to the Prince Albert SPCA for a visit on Tuesday before Raider was flown to his new family in Vancouver on Wednesday.

“It’s really nice, I’m really happy for him, that someone in North Vancouver would want to adopt him and give him a nice home. It’s nice to see,” says Danyluk.

For more coverage on the story, visit the CTV News – Saskatoon webpage.

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