Pavel Copperfield... I Mean Datsyuk

By Daniel Gustkey

Next time the circus comes to your town, take a quick peek at the performing magicians and make sure one of them isn’t Pavel Datsyuk.  My goodness.  It really isn’t fair at this point.

Datsyuk set up the Wings’ first goal and scored the game winner; both of which required nothing less than sheer brilliance.  Datsyuk took control of the puck in his own zone, went the length of the ice before blowing a tire and falling on his butt.  After hitting the ice, he put a pass on the tape to Henrik Zetterberg who gave it off to Johan Franzen for the goal.  Brilliance.

Fortunately for the Red Wings, he wasn’t done.  Pavel found himself in a 1-on-1 situation with Nashville defensemen Ryan Suter with less than 10 seconds to play in a tie game.  Pavel went left, Suter went right, and the puck went in the net to give Detroit their 22nd consecutive home win.

Words cannot accurately describe how bad Datysuk beat Ryan Suter on that play.  I consulted my thesaurus; useless.

But if you happen to be in the Detroit area tonight, be on the lookout for a pair of ankles.  They may belong to Ryan Suter.

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