The Philadelphia Flyers Have Acquired Defenseman Pavel Kubina; Plus More Rumors

By Johnny Machurek

The Philadelphia Flyers are at it again after trading for defenseman Nicklas Grossman, they had added another d-man this time Pavel Kubina.

The trade is still pending league approval but the Flyers are giving up a 2nd and 5th round pick to the Tampa Bay Lightning.  The price might be a little steep for basically a rental player, but Kubina is still better than the majority of defensemen on the team.

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So basically the Flyers have traded away all the picks they have acquired, but still have their own.

Philadelphia has improved its blueline in the last couple days and they might not be done with trading just yet.  Rumors have been circulating that Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets is on the Flyers radar.  Former Philly d-man and current radio color analyst Chris Therien has helped add to the rumor.

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Another rumor that has been circulating todayis that the Flyers are looking for a goalie.  If this is true you have to give to the Flyers they aren’t afraid to correct mistakes, no matter the cost.  Also it did not help that the goalies today could not stop a beach ball.

Keep checking in here as we will keep up-to-date on Flyers trade rumors as the deadline approaches

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10:53 PM EST

Per Tom Panaccio on CSNPhilly:

Flyers traded for defenseman Pavel Kubina from the Tampa Bay Lightning for Jon Kalinski, a second-round pick from Florida and a fourth-round draft pick in 2013.

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