Does Richards belong at center?

By Nina Falcone

When Mike Richards first came to the Kings in a trade with the Flyers, Los Angeles fans thought he’d be the answer to the team’s scoring problems. After all, he had 23 goals and 44 assists last year — numbers the Kings desperately needed. But since his head injury he sustained on December 1st, he hasn’t been producing like he had at the beginning of the season.

So what’s the problem?

I don’t think Mike Richards is being played correctly. The Kings have been struggling with their team chemistry this season and it’s time that some of the guys move around. Both Richards and Anze Kopitar are centers, and therefore don’t end up on the ice together much. The two of them could create something great and both have played at wing before. However Richards has more experience there and could possibly be a great winger for Kopitar.

Until the Kings make a move for Rick Nash or Jeff Carter, they should at least try out new plays and some position changes to end their losing streak. It really can’t hurt the team at this point.

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