[VIDEO] New York Rangers' Lunqvist Rocks Sweet Child O' Mine

By Stephanie Lewark

The New York Rangers were in need of a break after the team was shut-out by Marc-Andre Fleury and the Pittsburgh Penguins this past Tuesday. 

That break came on Wednesday in the form of a charity event benefiting Rangers’ netminder Henrik Lunqvist’s “Rock of Dreams” foundation featuring the performance of his band, Noise Upstairs, which includes tennis pro John McEnroe (as seen on this season’s HBO 24/7).  From the team’s official blog, Blueshirts United:

“It was great, and I am so happy that it happened,” Lundqvist said of the concert Thursday after practice. “It was sold out, and I don’t have the final numbers, but I know we raised a lot of money for The Garden of Dreams and the Johnny Mac Tennis Project. That was the goal: to have a fun night and to raise a lot of money.”

And although the band performed an array of songs from bands like Bon Jovi and Foo Fighters, according to Newsday, the team all agreed that Lundqvist’s guitar solo in their rendition of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O Mine” was the highlight of the evening.  Lucky for all of us, someone taped the performance!


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