Video: Hit of the Year? Chris Neil Crushes Johnny Boychuk

By Steve Palumbo

As a New Jersey Devils loyalist I witnessed Scott Stevens destroy many a foe in my day but on Saturday night Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators absolutely annihilated Johhny Boychuk of the Boston Bruins with the most ferocious hit I’ve seen in a long, long time.

It was one of those hits that actually makes your eyes twitch and your toes curl. Too bad for Boychuk it was caught on TV and he’ll be forced to relive it every single time it’s replayed and trust me it will be replayed a lot. Both Neil and Boychuk were shaken up. Wouldn’t you be too?

Why would anybody be a proponent of less physical hockey? After all is there anything more beautiful than a great open-ice hit? Well maybe just one thing…Evgeni Malkin’s goal against Tampa Bay…but you already saw that video.

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