Don't Expect Much from the Pittsburgh Penguins

By Stephanie Lewark

With the trade deadline looming, the NHL has been buzzing with all kinds of rumors and analysis about a few different players and teams with a bunch of possible trade deals that we may see before it ends tomorrow at 3 o’clock (most about Columbus’ Rick Nash).

But don’t expect any of those teams to include the Pittsburgh Penguins.  There probably won’t be much movement if any at all for the organization even when it comes to the possbility of using star Sidney Crosby’s salary under the cap to bring a “big-name” in (as long as Crosby doesn’t come back to play during the regular 2011-12 season, the team can use some / all of his $8.7 million to acquire a player and remain under their cap space).  Penguins general manager Ray Shero confirms as much today with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“Right now there’s no deal out there for me that makes any sense,” Shero said of the Crosby angle.

But if the past dictates anything, this doesn’t guarantee that a deal(s) won’t be made tomorrow as Shero and the Pittsburgh organization are known for not fully disclosing cards they may have up their sleeves especially to the media.

Realistically, with how the team is currently playing, they could end the season well enough to make a half-decent run into the playoffs but I’m not so sold that Shero believes the back-up goalie situation couldn’t be improved or that a small tweek shouldn’t be made to the Penguins blue line.  The recent situation with back-up goalie Brent Johnson being absent from practice and WBS net minder Brad Thiessen being called up twice this past week to have him start in goal this afternoon against the Columbus Blue Jackets leads me to believe there may be more going on there.

Although, as alot of Pens fans and Pittsburgh media have echoed in one way or another, the best trade deadline move for the Penguins would be getting their captain back and into the lineup.

But only time will tell and it won’t be long now (we’re less than 24 hours away).

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