Blackhawks Dump John Scott, Pick Up Fifth Round Pick

By Randy Holt

After acquiring Johnny Oduya from the Winnipeg Jets, the Blackhawks needed to clear up a spot on the roster. Many expected a bigger deal after acquiring Oduya, in the form of Derek Roy, which might have taken care of that final spot.

But that wasn’t the case. Instead, Stan Bowman chose to shock the world in dealing John Scott to the New York Rangers.

Yes, that John Scott. The same John Scott that played about two minutes a night. The same John Scott that Joel Quenneville continued to put in the lineup even when no one would fight him, rendering him even more useless. The same John Scott that everyone seemed to point, somehow, as a scapegoat for the Blackhawks’ struggles.

But that John Scott is also the guy who Bowman managed to grab a fifth round pick for. That’s not too shabby when you consider the fact that an actual somewhat useful defenseman like Mike Commodore brought only a seventh round pick back to the Detroit Red Wings.

In all seriousness, the Blackhawks lose absolutely nothing on the ice with the trade of Scott, while freeing up the roster space for the newly acquired Oduya.

Could the Hawks use his presence in the locker room? Sure. Scott was always a nice guy and a good teammate. He just didn’t serve much of a purpose when he wasn’t wearing a suit up in the press box.

The Blackhawks do have guys that are capable of being scrappy and sticking up for their teammates. Jamal Mayers is one. Bryan Bickell is another, assuming he keeps up the physical play we’ve seen from him of late.

Bottom line, this was a move to free up a roster space. Bowman realized a guy that was playing four minutes a night wasn’t really worth holding up a roster spot, and decided to finally take that type of decision away from Quenneville, who had yet to realize it.

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