NHL Trade Deadline: Rick Nash Banners Being Taken Down in Columbus?

By Troy Pfaff


A video surfaced this morning of some workers in Columbus taking down a Rick Nash banner outside of Nationwide Arena.

The video claims to have been shot at 9:30 ET this morning, though with no timestamp, it can’t even be guaranteed the video was shot today.

If this is legitimate, though, it could be a sign of the first big trade of the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline. Nash has been made available by the Blue Jackets, but the teams has made it known they wouldn’t mind hanging onto the superstar for a while longer.

UPDATE: Looks like this was a false alarm. According to this post on Reddit, the banners are controlled by the city and not the Blue Jackets, and are being taken down and replaced with banners for the Arnold Fitness Classic. What horrendous timing.

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