The Philadelphia Flyers Do Not Make a Move, Was it a Smart Move

I had stated just recently that the Philadelphia Fyers were not going to make a big deal at the deadline.  Well, 3 PM passed and Philly did not make a deal at all, but was it smart?

The Flyers had already traded for Nicklas Grossman and made another for Pavel Kubina.  The Flyers got two defensemen to help a blue line that was in need of help.

As for the goalie problem Ilya Bryzgalov is not going anywhere.  I know this angers some of you, but Paul Holmgren would be stupid to give up on him halfway through his first year.

Rick Nash, who has been the most talked about trade bait, would have cost Philly too much.  The price was high from the get go with a rumor of James van Riemsdyk, Sergei Bobrovsky, Sean Couturier, and Matt Read being discussed for the trade. Even Columbus Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson said the price was high.

I would not have wanted to see the Flyers sell the farm for one player, which it looks like it would have taken to get Nash.  We have a good crop of rookies and hate to use the cliche but the future is so bright I have to wear shades.

The Flyers won at the deadline by not making any moves.  Remember no moves is better than dumb moves.

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  • http://yahoo sophillyjimmy

    Sure the Flyers didn’t make a move at the trade deadline but I think that Holmgren made the biggest move since the Leclair trade when he got 2 talented defensemen a week or so before the deadline.
    These 2 moves will show if getting Bryz was a big mistake or the right move to make us go deep into the playoffs since Bryz said he has to play often to be effective then when he didn’t play up to the hype, salary or years in his contract. The Flyers are sure to make the playoffs even if Bryz plays the bulk of the remaining games, then when the playoffs begin is the time to decide if he was a dream turned into a nightmare or if he is a legitimate premier goalie in the NHL.

    • Johnny Machurek

      I agree with you. You brought up my favorite Flyer too, John LeClair was awesome. Yeah I think this will be a test for Bryz and we will find out what he is truly like. Honestly except for that two game stretch in feburary he has played a lot better since the break.

      • mike

        John Leclair was a fucking hero

        • Johnny Machurek

          I don’t think I could agree anymore with this statement lol.