A look at the 5 minor league trades by The Anaheim Ducks

The trade deadline has come and gone, and the Ducks were not buyers or sellers. Bob Murray has shown that he is giving this team a chance to try and continue their run at a spot in the playoffs. This is great news for Ducks fans as the last 19 games will be very exciting with every game playing a huge role on whether or not the team makes the playoffs.

The Ducks did however make 5 minor league trades in 2012. Only 2 actually occurred on the deadline, with 2 more happening a week earlier, and one at the beginning of the year. Here is a look at the trades and my opinions on them.

Jan. 2nd- Luca Caputi from Toronto for Nicolas Deschamps: Not exactly a deadline deal as it happened a few months ago, but it might be the most interesting of the 5 trades that happened this year so I feel its worth mentioning. Both players were once considered high prospects on each teams depth chart. In fact Caputi was thought highly enough to get 35 games in the NHL. For whatever reason things were not going his way this year in the AHL only scoring 3 points in 21 games with the Toronto Marlies. The trade had done wonders for him , as Caputi has 15 points in his first 22 games with Syracuse. The change of scenery also was great for Deschamps as he only had 7 points in 31 games with Syracuse, and he already has 19 points in his first 22 games with the Marlies. This was a good move for the Ducks to add a player with size (6’3″ 200lbs) and NHL experience. It gives the team a little extra depth especially if a bottom 6 winger gets injured during the playoff run.

Feb. 12th- Riley Holzapfel from Winnipeg for Maxime Macenauer: Macenauer was a hard working defensive forward for the Ducks at the beginning of the season playing 29 games. Now this is just pure speculation on my part but I think he was a player that former coach Randy Carlyle was big on as he was in the lineup every game when Carlye was here, and then sent down to the minors just 2 weeks after new Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau took over. Carlyle has shown in the past that he likes the defensive centers, and when he was gone so was Macenaur. This is my theory anyways and it makes sense to me. With Holzapfel the Ducks added a center with more offense as he has 7 points in his first 7 games with Syracuse so he looks like he fit in right away with his new team giving them the extra offense that they needed.

Feb. 15th- Ryan O’Marra from Edmonton for Bryan Rodney: Rodney, an Offensive defense-man never really worked out for the ducks as expected when he signed with the Ducks in the off-season. After the trade he made some comments saying he never really thought he fit in with the team. This was probably just a case of, if you are not happy here we can find another place for you to play. In return the Ducks received former first round pick O’Marra who is a center with size (6’2″ 220lbs.).  O’Marra also has NHL experience as he has played 31 games in the NHL, all with Edmonton. This is another depth move for the Ducks. It is also a move in the hopes of a change of scenery can bring out more from a player that was once considered to have a lot of potential.

Feb. 26th- Sebastian Erixon from Vancouver for Andrew Gordon: Gordon made the Ducks team this year after signing with the team as a UFA and then having a great training camp, and pre-season. Unfortunately for him and the team that didn’t translate to having a great season for the ducks. He played in 37 games this season with the Ducks only scoring 5 points with a limited role on th 3rd and 4th lines. They were expecting a little more offense from him, so he was sent to Syracuse on Jan. 7th.  Erixon signed with Vancouver in the off-season as an un-drafted UFA from Sweden. He is on the smaller side for a defense-man at 5’10″ 180lbs but is said to have a decent skill-set, and has some potential to help out his new team in Syracuse.

Feb. 26th- Dale Mitchell from Toronto Mark Fraser: This one is a salary dump. The Ducks don’t like to have players on one way contracts in the minors so they likely just wanted to get rid of the contract that payed him $550,000 whether he played in the NHL or the AHL. Toronto has the money to do that so it was a good trading partner for the Ducks. In return the Ducks received Dale Mitchell who is on a contract that pays him $65,000 in the minors and only jumps to $550,000 if he is called up to the NHL. With the other forwards the Ducks added, combined with the players they already had in the system makes this very unlikely, which is why I consider this one a Salary dump.

There you have it. Nothing too big, but that is my take on the 5 trades that the Ducks made in 2012.


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