Avalanche-Sharks Trade Tests Bonds of Teammates

By Derek Kessinger

The Colorado Avalanche and San Jose Sharks made a minor deal at the trade deadline that was major news because nothing happened of real importance on deadline day. The trade sent Jamie McGinn to the Avalanche, along with two prospects, for TJ Galiardi, Daniel Winnik and a seventh round pick. The trade looks like it could be a win for both organizations, as the Sharks need toughness now and the Avs need forward depth for the future.

The history of this trade is actually quite rich. The Avalanche and the Sharks faced off in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Avalanche took a 2-1 lead in the series. Galiardi was a menace.

As Shark Joe Thornton said in an article by Kevin Kurz:

“I just remember TJ running around in that series pretty good, and I think everybody wanted to kill him, not just me.”

Well that guy that everyone wanted to kill is now on the Sharks as they fight for their playoff lives. That’s perhaps the most bizarre thing about playing in the NHL. Not only do you have to watch your best friends leave, but you have to watch your enemies join the team.

T.J. Galiardi and Daniel Winnik were part of the new core of the Avalanche franchise, which began in 2009-2010. They were well liked among the fans and the organization.

Apparently having lunch when Winnik was traded to the Sharks, Galiardi asked his teammate to take him along. Five minutes later Galiardi was also heading out of town. So the two friends will play on in San Jose.

For the Sharks, the fans are not overly happy to lose McGinn. It is often the fans that hold grudges, which means that they will be the ones who have to get used to the menace TJ Galiardi playing on the opposing team.

In no other profession do you have these dilemmas. I understand that it’s part of the business, and the millions of dollars makes up for it, but I’m not envious of the lack of stability of the people around you.

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