(VIDEO) Dirty Hit from Marc-Edouard Vlasic on Philadelphia Flyers Forward Danny Briere Will Receive No Suspension

Philadelphia Flyers fan collectively held their breath when Danny Briere was violently tossed head-first into the boards by Marc-Edouard Vlasic of the San Jose Sharks.  Luckily, Briere able was to collect himself and skate off under his own power.

The referees in San Jose missed the call on the ice, but surely Brendan Shanahan would at the very least fine or suspend Vlasic right?  Nope, not even a call to the principal’s office.

Here is the video, you be the judge:


Jim Jackson mentions that Briere was slowing up; the thing that is not being noticed is so was Vlasic.  Vlasic stated, “I was going back, and he was [too], and he stopped right into me. My momentum carried me forward. The ref saw it that way, and that’s what he said. I’m going in there to get the puck and it just happened he turned into me, and he got the worst of it.”

If you were going back, how did that result in you extending your arms and launching a player into the boards?

Going back to Shanahan, his rulings have been abhorrent to say the least since becoming Senior Vice President of Player Safety.  So this decision should surprise no one.

Let’s look at two videos:

First Kyle Turris’ hit on Joe Corvo:



Next, Alex Ovechkin’s hit on Zbynek Michalek:



The hits are virtually the same but Shanahan doesn’t deal out equal justice.

Another example of Shanahan’s ineptitude is the same month as the Vlasic hit was Jordan Staal’s hit on Braydon Coburn.

Here is that video:


Shanahan tried to say the reason there was no suspension was because their was no prior history for Staal.  Guess, he must have missed when he was ejected that same month for sucker punching New York Rangers forward Brandon Prust.

I thought Shanahan might bring some balance to the league office, but it looks like he is just continuing what Colin Campbell was doing.

What are your thought on Shanahan as VP of Player Safety?  Is he doing a good job?  Should Vlasic have been suspended?  Let us know below.

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  • Steven Resnick

    All I saw was a Flyers announcer with blatant homerism. Excellent no call and there was no need for the NHL to get involve. Briere continues skating, nothing happens instead he stops in the path of Vlasic. So why should the Flyers be rewarded with a boarding call?

    First two videos weren’t even close to being the same as what happened with Vlasic and Briere. I’ll agree with you that punishment from the NHL should have been handed down to Ovechkin and Turris, yet the third example of Jordan Staal’s hit isn’t even close to what happened with Vlasic and Briere.

    Staal came down the ice didn’t slow up and pushed his way through. Vlasic on the other hand was slowing down and put his arm out to brace himself for colliding with Briere who had stopped in front of him.

    • Johnny Machurek

      I wasn’t comparing the Ovechkin and Turris to to the Vlasic, was more showing how Shanahan isn’t consistent in his punishment. There was not need for Vlasic to extend his arm though. The side angle shows Vlasic skate up against him than extend his arm and shove him forward.

  • Chris

    Well let me first say I am a Flyers fan but, not a fan of Briere at all. This is really very simple, it’s BOARDING, no way around it. It doesnt matter if Briere slowed up to brace himself as he went for the puck. Vlasic intentionally shoved him with both arms forwards head first into the boards. PERIOD. Penalty? Definitely, major most likely. Suspension? Not sure, I dont know enough about this Vlasic guy. To the guy above who said ” excellent no call” you my friend are a complete JACKASS. Anyone on any team that ” shoves” a player head first into the boards should get an automatic BOARDING penalty. It doesnt matter if Briere was bending down, all that matters is that he was shoved ( forced) into the boards head first, end of story, no need to put up videos or make excuses. Its cut and dry. BOARDING.

    • Johnny Machurek

      I can’t believe nothing was called on this play. Why is it that refs seem to be missing obvious penalties across the league? Do we need more officials or just better officiating?

    • Steven Resnick

      So, if Vlasic doesn’t do anything and just bodies up Briere and causes not only a season ending injury or what could possibly be a career ending injury. The reason Briere went into the boards is because he slowed up and ducked his head down watch the video again, Vlasic barely touches him and Briere went crashing into the boards.

      There’s a reason why you never hear about Vlasic it’s because he’s unassuming and doesn’t do much to get noticed and he is definitely not a dirty player.