(VIDEO) Dirty Hit from Marc-Edouard Vlasic on Philadelphia Flyers Forward Danny Briere Will Receive No Suspension

By Johnny Machurek

Philadelphia Flyers fan collectively held their breath when Danny Briere was violently tossed head-first into the boards by Marc-Edouard Vlasic of the San Jose Sharks.  Luckily, Briere able was to collect himself and skate off under his own power.

The referees in San Jose missed the call on the ice, but surely Brendan Shanahan would at the very least fine or suspend Vlasic right?  Nope, not even a call to the principal’s office.

Here is the video, you be the judge:


Jim Jackson mentions that Briere was slowing up; the thing that is not being noticed is so was Vlasic.  Vlasic stated, “I was going back, and he was [too], and he stopped right into me. My momentum carried me forward. The ref saw it that way, and that’s what he said. I’m going in there to get the puck and it just happened he turned into me, and he got the worst of it.”

If you were going back, how did that result in you extending your arms and launching a player into the boards?

Going back to Shanahan, his rulings have been abhorrent to say the least since becoming Senior Vice President of Player Safety.  So this decision should surprise no one.

Let’s look at two videos:

First Kyle Turris’ hit on Joe Corvo:



Next, Alex Ovechkin’s hit on Zbynek Michalek:



The hits are virtually the same but Shanahan doesn’t deal out equal justice.

Another example of Shanahan’s ineptitude is the same month as the Vlasic hit was Jordan Staal’s hit on Braydon Coburn.

Here is that video:


Shanahan tried to say the reason there was no suspension was because their was no prior history for Staal.  Guess, he must have missed when he was ejected that same month for sucker punching New York Rangers forward Brandon Prust.

I thought Shanahan might bring some balance to the league office, but it looks like he is just continuing what Colin Campbell was doing.

What are your thought on Shanahan as VP of Player Safety?  Is he doing a good job?  Should Vlasic have been suspended?  Let us know below.

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