Video: Ryan White Loses Control and Attacks Stephane Veilleux

By Steve Palumbo

It seems like everytime the NHL and Brendan Shanahan loosen up a bit with the disciplinary actions something happens that just makes you shake your head.

As the first period of Thursday nights Minnesota Wild and Montreal Canadiens game started, Montreal’s Ryan Carter lost his composure attacking Stephane Veilleux from behind in a seemingly unprovoked and senseless act.

Veilleux found himself tied up in front of the Montreal net tangled up with a canadien defender – then out of nowhere – White comes flying in and proceeds to pound away at the helpless Minnesota player with his bare fists.

There is absolutely no room for cowardly cheap plays like that in our sport. What makes the whole thing even more disgusting was the crowds reaction. After the referees broke up the fray, the crowd loudly cheered Whites villainy like he was some kind of hero – Absolutely insane.

Veilleux may not have the greatest reputation in the league but nowhere in that entire exchange did he do anything to incite that kind of response. These types of actions require a severe punishment – not a slap on the wrist.

If Shanahan wants to get some of his credibility back he must react swiftly and sternly. Anything less than a suspension would be considered a travesty and further proof that the NHL can’t even figure out how to enforce their own rules.

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