VIDEO: Devin Setoguchi Shootout Fail

By Matt Farland


       On Thursday night the Minnesota Wild found itself down 4-1 to the Montreal Canadiens with under four minutes remaining in regulation.  However, the team rallied and tied the game with just ten seconds left.  The Wild eventually lost in a shootout, but there was a pretty memorable moment in the mini-game.

       Forward Devin Setoguchi was a big part of the comeback in the final minutes, assisting on the team’s third goal as well as scoring the game-tying goal.  In the shootout, he had another chance to be a hero, with the ability to tie  the best of three contest up.  Instead, we got this:

(Note: Appologies for the technical problems.  Link only for the time being.)


 Devin Setoguchi’s Shootout Fail


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