Kyle Palmieri gets his chance with the Ducks

By Jeff Shibley

If the Ducks were still in the playoff hunt the loss of Corey Perry to a shoulder injury would be a major blow. Since the Ducks are not in the playoff race anymore, and since the injury to the best player on the Ducks, and reigning MVP does not look to be serious it will not affect the outcome this season in any way.

It also gives a chance for the Ducks top forward prospect Kyle Palmieri to play on the top line in Perrys place. Palmieri for the first time should be receiving a regular shift alongside Ryan Getzlaf, and Bobby Ryan. This is his chance to prove what he can do. I am very high on Palmieri, and I am really hoping he does well to finish the season with the Ducks, and hopefully secure a top 6 spot on the team next season.

Palmieri leads the AHL with 32 goals in 42 games. What is even more impressive is he has done this in 20 games less than the player with the second most goals. If Palmieri can find a way to translate his offensive skills from the AHL to the NHL it would be huge for the Ducks. Palmieri is not a big player at 5’11” 193lbs., but he is known to play a physical game for his size. In this respect it almost reminds me of a player like Chris Kunitz who also was a smallish skilled player who scored points but also played a physical game.

This off-season Jason Blake, Niklas Hagman, Teemu Selanne, and Saku Koivu are all UFAs it is yet to be seen which players will be gone, and which players will be brought back, but if one of those players can be replaced from within by Kyle Palmieri it will really help the team next season, and would also help the Ducks to be able to go out and get a good player in the off-season knowing that the position Palmieri will take is already covered.

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