Bruins Simply Dominate Maple Leafs 8-0

By Emma Harger

The Boston Bruins started the domination of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first shift of their last meeting this season and never stopped until the last horn sounded. This 8-0 win represented the Bruins’ best offensive output in quite some time, probably since that 9-0 routing of the Calgary Flames in January, and a refreshing turnaround from last week, when they were the ones being scored on six times.

The Maple Leafs have a way of bringing out the best in the Bruins this season, though. Each of the other five games, all Bruins victories, were won by at least four goals on the side of the Black and Gold. This game was no exception and now, for the first time since Toronto switched conferences in 1998-99, Boston has completely swept the Leafs in a series.

Chris Kelly opened up a scoring blitz that, by the game’s end, saw 14 different Bruins get on the score sheet. Gregory Campbell added a wraparound goal, Benoit Pouliot had his first of the night and Brad Marchand scored a power play goal from a bad angle to give the Bruins a 4-0 lead after the first. Yes, a 4-0 lead, not an 0-4 hole.

Not content to just settle for four goals, Pouliot scored again, Zdeno Chara added a power play goal and Brian Rolston had a goal as part of his four-point night in a busy second period. You read that correctly: Brian Rolston had a four-point night.

By contrast, the third period looked downright unproductive, with Tyler Seguin providing the lone goal to bring the final score to 8-0. Tim Thomas earned what might be the easiest shutout of his career, having to make just 13 saves, including stopping only two shots in the first period. It’s just too bad that Pouliot didn’t get the hat trick, although he did come close, and try as he might Patrice Bergeron could not break the scoring drought he’s experienced since Feb. 25.

There were two fights–Gregory Campbell vs. Luke Schenn and Milan Lucic vs. Mike Komisarek–both in the first period, both when the scoreboard was already pretty tilted in Boston’s direction. But that was all the fighting the Bruins needed to help their way to victory.

But in this part of the season, where sometimes the Bruins have struggled to get on the board at all, a big win like this one could provide a huge burst of confidence to a team that could really use one. Now the Bruins embark on a three-game road trip to California and will take on the San Jose Sharks on March 22 in a 10:30 p.m. game. Let’s see if they can ride the momentum of these past two wins and get a streak brewing.

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