Phoenix Coyotes VS Dallas Stars Game On Tuesday Could Determine Pacific Division Winner

By Chris Ransom

Tomorrow nights game between the Phoenix Coyotes and the Dallas Stars holds huge implications.  Both the Phoenix Coyotes and the Dallas Stars have 83 points.  Tomorrow’s game between Phoenix is also the final meeting that Dallas holds with the Phoenix Coyotes is also the final regular season meeting.

Dallas has played 72 of their 82 regular season games.  Phoenix has played 73 of their 82 regular season games.

Tuesday nights game will be played at American Airlines Center.  Dallas has home ice.  Phoenix has scored more goals than Dallas, allowed fewer goals than Dallas, and Dallas is on a 2 game losing streak.

Phoenix ranks 8th in penalty killing while Dallas ranks 10th in penalty killing.  Both teams have gotten hot in the penalty killing department as of late.

Winning Tuesday night could be the difference between Dallas receiving a 3 seed or Dallas missing the playoffs.

The San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings both have 82 points.  The Kings have won 4 in a row and have positioned themselves back in the running.  Calgary has 81 points at this point.  All of these teams will be competing with Dallas for a playoff spot if they cannot get a win on Tuesday.

Dallas winning Tuesday gives them a 2 point edge over Phoenix with 9 games to play.  The Coyotes would have 8 games to play which would help Dallas out more.

Tuesday’s game will be on NBC Sports Network at 8 PM.  Its never been more critical for Dallas to end their 2 game losing streak with the regular season ending.

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