Should Duncan Keith be suspended for the hit on Daniel Sedin?

Duncan Keith dirty hit on Daniel Sedin. March 21st 2012 The Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks hated rivalry just got bigger. In the 1st period, Duncan Keith elbowed Daniel Sedin in the head on Wednesday. Daniel Sedin would be out for the whole game and possibly even longer. Keith was elbowed by Sedin earlier in the period so he mostly likely did this for revenge. In the 2nd period, there was a big melee that included Zack Kassian, Keith and Alex Burrows. Burrows would give Keith a face wash at the melee. All 3 of them got a 10 minute misconduct and a 2 minute roughing penalty. Keith will for sure have a big target on his back now.

So the question is do you think Duncan Keith should be suspended and if so, how many games? In my opinion, I think that he should be suspended for 3 games but he’ll likely get 1 or 2 games because he doesn’t have a history of getting suspended.

Duncan Keith dirty hit on Daniel Sedin. March 21st 2012

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  • LHJK

    No: It’s just an elbow, and was obviously not intended to cave Sedin’s face in or something. Keith didn’t keep Sedin from playing, unlike Bertuzzi’s suave paralyzing of that one guy via punching him in the neck (what a goon). The Canucks like to get in fights: don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burnt.