Kings' Bernier allowed to wear original goalie mask again

By Nina Falcone

Kings goaltender Jonathan Bernier almost had to ditch the ‘Hollywood’ look.

Recent controversy sparked when he was told to cover up the iconic “Hollywood” sign he has designed on the right upper side of his mask. Bernier has now discovered that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce charges a licensing fee for any commercial use — including goalie masks. Someone from the organization finally noticed it in a photo of him in the Los Angeles Times and reported it earlier in the season.

The NHL is in charge of inspecting goalie masks and Bernier’s passed because no one was aware of the legal fee. Because of that, he’s not receiving any penalties for wearing it in the past.

Bernier was told Wednesday afternoon that he is allowed to display his entire helmet once again as long as he agrees to pay the commercial pricing. As of now, he doesn’t seem to have a problem with doing so. Not only will Bernier be able to keep his look, but the cost will be cheaper than re-designing and creating a new mask. Who knows, perhaps the re-revealing of the mask will send a little good luck to the Kings as they fight to hold a playoff spot.

The team is facing the St. Louis Blues Thursday night in Los Angeles. After Tuesday night’s big 5-2 win against the Sharks, the Kings shot into eighth place, surpassing San Jose and Phoenix with a total of 84 points this season.

Don’t forget to follow the nail-biting race here during the remainder of the regular season.

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