The Boston Bruins Take Over Instagram

By Emma Harger

As the Boston Bruins headed out to visit all three California teams, starting with the San Jose Sharks, someone decided it’d be a good idea to liven up the journey by allowing players to control the Bruins’ official Instagram account for a day.

This is shaping up to be a pretty good idea.

Only one full day of the player takeover has happened–Andrew Ference controlled the camera on March 21, documenting the rigors of cross-country flight.

He found Gregory Campbell asleep on the team plane, using a blanket for a pillow and vice versa, and captioned it “how you kill 6 hours on a plane…the exciting life in the nhl.”

He also spotted a resemblance in a sleeping Milan Lucic–Sloth from The Goonies–and made a reference in the caption: “heeeeeyyy you guys.” Shawn Thornton can be seen in the background.

On game day against the Sharks, player Instagram control has been handed over to Patrice Bergeron. It is four hours earlier out there, so his only picture as of this writing was tweeted out around lunchtime on the East Coast, but breakfast on the West Coast. It shows his linemate Brad Marchand eating an omelet with the caption “Marchy enjoying his omelette. Someone pass him a napkin.”

Here’s hoping this player takeover continues for a while on this three-game road trip. It’s a fun, lighthearted insight into the off-ice aspects of the NHL. Plus, it allows fans to make note of the players’ writing styles: Ference eschews the Caps Lock key, whereas Bergeron’s caption is written impeccably. Besides, as Jack Edwards is fond of saying, who has more fun than us?

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