Duncan Keith suspended 5 games for hit on Daniel Sedin

NHL VP of player safety Brendan Shanahan have suspended Duncan Keith for 5 games for his elbow to the head of Daniel Sedin. It was 5 games because Keith injured Sedin and it was elbowing. Keith got a minor penalty on that play. Many believed that Keith laid that hit out of retaliation on the hit Sedin gave him earlier. Keith have never been suspended by the NHL before. Sedin did not play Thursday’s game against the Dallas Stars since he got sent home to Vancouver for further evaluation. The Canucks didn’t say how long exactly Sedin will be out for but they did say he’s out indefinitely. The Keith’s hearing with Shanahan was complicated. On Thursday, it was said that the hearing was done on the phone, meaning that a suspension can’t be more than 5 games. However, Keith was asked to waive his right for an in-person hearing, which means that his suspension could be more than 5 games. So do you guys think that a 5 game suspension on Keith is just right, too little, or too much?

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