A Livid Ducks' Coach Bruce Boudreau Says He Was 'Ready to Hit' Referee

By Steve Palumbo

Anaheim Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau has never been one to mince words. So it came as no surprise when he didn’t hold back after his team lost on a controversial no-goal call.

The Ducks lost 3-2 to the Boston Bruins on Sunday in an emotional, if not frustrating game. Boudreau told reporters after the loss that he had to fight back the urge to punch referee Rob Martell in the face.

Anaheim’s head coach was livid after Ducks forward Matt Beleskey‘s apparent tying goal midway through the third period was nullified because Andrew Cogliano was said to have been in the goal crease. The referees sighted NHL rule number 69.1 for helping them come to a decision. The rule states…

69.1 Interference on the Goalkeeper – This rule is based on the premise that an attacking player’s position, whether inside or outside the crease, should not, by itself, determine whether a goal should be allowed or disallowed. In other words, goals scored while attacking players are standing in the crease may, in appropriate circumstances be allowed. Goals should be disallowed only if: (1) an attacking player, either by his positioning or by contact, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely within his crease or defend his goal; or (2) an attacking player initiates intentional or deliberate contact with a goalkeeper, inside or outside of his goal crease. Incidental contact with a goalkeeper will be permitted, and resulting goals allowed, when such contact is initiated outside of the goal crease, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact. The rule will be enforced exclusively in accordance with the on-ice judgment of the Referee(s), and not by means of video replay or review.

For purposes of this rule, “contact,” whether incidental or otherwise, shall mean any contact that is made between or among a goalkeeper and attacking player(s), whether by means of a stick or any part of the body.

The overriding rationale of this rule is that a goalkeeper should have the ability to move freely within his goal crease without being hindered by the actions of an attacking player. If an attacking player enters the goal crease and, by his actions, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to defend his goal, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed.

If an attacking player has been pushed, shoved, or fouled by a defending player so as to cause him to come into contact with the goalkeeper, such contact will not be deemed contact initiated by the attacking player for purposes of this rule, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact.

If a defending player has been pushed, shoved, or fouled by an attacking player so as to cause the defending player to come into contact with his own goalkeeper, such contact shall be deemed contact initiated by the attacking player for purposes of this rule, and if necessary a penalty assessed to the attacking player and if a goal is scored it would be disallowed.

Boudreau confronted the official after the goal was taken off they board and demanded an explanation. When asked what Martell told him, Boudreau quipped, “Well, I didn’t really give him much of a chance to say too much. I was ready to hit him.”

Boudreau also added, “I don’t know. I give up trying to figure these guys out.”Meaning he is done trying to rationalize the ridiculous inconsistency from game to game and referee to referee.

Had Beleskey’s goal stood up, it would have evened the game at two, changing the entire make-up of the contest. Instead, the Bruins scored again increasing their lead to 3-1 before holding on for the one goal victory.

Boudreau has done an excellent job since he replaced Randy Carlyle back in December, but it appears the pressure of having to win everyday has finally taken a toll on the team and their coach.

I imagine Boudreau could see a fine coming his way for his toungue in cheek “threat” on an official. I don’t exactly agree with Boudreau’s phrasing, but I can understand why he is upset. The officiating has been unusually bad this season. One can only hope that with the playoff just a few weeks away they will get their act together….fast.

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