Video: Jason Chimera Ejected for Hit on Adam McQuaid

By Troy Pfaff

Last night, the Washington Capitals defeated the Boston Bruins in dramatic fashion, snagging a 3-2 shootout win after holding a two-goal lead with just 3:10 left in the game.

The Bruins scored twice in two minutes to tie the game and force overtime, but the Capitals emerged victorious.

With about six minutes left in the first period, Capitals forward Jason Chimera hit Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid into the boards behind the Bruins net. Watch:

The hit resulted in a five minute major for charging and Chimera’s ejection from the game.

After watching the hit a few times over, I’m unsure about whether or not the hit was actually illegal.

Yes, he took close to 14 strides, but Chimera glided the final 10 or so feet, which I think nullifies any real charging argument. He even comes in sideways like he’s trying to slow down, rather than facing McQuaid like he wants to board him.

Plus, McQuaid turns his back at essentially the last second and really puts himself in that position facing the boards. It can easily be considered a dangerous play on McQuaid’s part.

Overall, it looks terrible because of the speed Chimera had which resulted in how hard McQuaid hit the boards face first.

I’m not defending the hit. It looks extremely bad and I almost feel like there must to be something illegal about it. Perhaps the recklessness with which Chimera came in could be cited.

In the end, if I’m a Capitals fan and Chimera gets suspended, I’m livid. But if I’m a Bruins fan, I’m likely lobbying for a suspension.

It will be interesting to see what Shanaban does with this one.

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